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Top Tips for Stallholders!

Carol and I are extremely lucky to be able to meet so many wonderful people who join us at our Markets and Craft Fayres throughout the year.

Whilst many of you are regular stallholders with us, some of you may not have joined us before or this may be a whole new small business venture for you, have a read of our Top 5 Tips for attending markets and craft fayre that you may find of help.

Be ready for a full day and the weather!

You have paid for the market, so make the most of the full day.  It always surprises me when some stallholders pack up early.  One of our Terms that stallholders agree to when joining us is that they agree to stay for the full day till 5pm.  You will be amazed how many shoppers leave it to the last minute to buy from you plus it can have a detrimental effect of the other traders if we have empty stalls too early.  Remember to dress for the weather, so in the colder months, plenty of layers, comfortable warm shoes and bring plenty of drinks or food with you to keep you going.  For our outdoor markets, cardboard to stand on acts as an insulator between the cold floor and your feet, so its always handy to have flat carboard to use (don’t forget to dispose of it before you leave!)

Keep you stall looking its best!

The ideal stall stops passers-by in their tracks so make your stall visually eye catching, use all the space available and consider using shelving or stands on your table to give height.  Crates, boxes etc work a treat and maximises space for your items.  Also clear signage and pricing.  Lots of visitors are shy of asking the price of items, so price labels work well.

Remember to pop around to the front of your stall from time to time, to generally have a tidy.  Another great idea, as we are coming into the season, it to decorate your stall to make it much more eye catching to visitors.  We always recommend simply Christmas decorations, bunting etc to keep in with the theme of the market you are attending.

Don’t hide!

We understand that visitors don’t want to have the hard sell as they meander along our stalls, and we don’t expect our stallholders to do that but saying ‘hello’ or asking if they are having a good day is an easy way to break the ice with customers.  A fatal mistake for sales is to sit down behind the stall and be on your phone all day.  Remember – no two markets are the same, so don’t be disheartened if your sales aren’t as good as you imagined they would be.  Ask any of our regular stallholders, you will have fantastic selling days and sometimes quite days!

Don’t give a customer a reason not to buy!

Have a decent float or even better a means of taking card payments.  Many of our stallholders use iZettle machines, these work very well especially in the current climate where some visitors still prefer less contact.  Try and get anyone who visits your stall to leave with something, even if that is a flyer or business card.  This ensures that they have contact details for you should they wish to purchase an item at a later date.

Social Media!

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but if people can’t find you online after visiting your stall it’s a wasted opportunity.  So, a simple website or Facebook page can work wonders.  Often it can take someone seeing you a few times before they are tempted into buying, so announcing online where and when your next markets will be can make a difference in building relationships with your customers and there is always the added bonus of them becoming repeat customers!  If you aren’t able to access social media, we at Owl Events and Marketing are happy to promote your products when you are booked with us, so get in touch.

We do hope these few tips help. If you are a new business, please chat to other stallholders.  They can be a source of really helpful tips themselves, plus it becomes more of a social event, and we pride ourselves on helping to create a family feel to our markets.

Kate & Carol

Owl Events and Marketing

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