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I’m Nicki from Nicki’s Pantry Preserves & Produce

I sell nearly all manner of Preserves – jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, pickles and curds. I make fruit syrups, brandied cherries and Stem Ginger in syrup as well as fruit and vegetable leathers (healthy snacks). And in the Autumn I make alcohol infused chocolate and Christmas cakes.

What makes my business unique is that I forage or grow most crops I need for my Preserves, with the exception of citrus fruits, bananas and ginger and every one of the 115 plus items that I sell are hand made by me. Whilst my range includes several regular flavours, I like to make more unusual flavours.

It’s difficult to have just one particular favourite. The whole process has been a learning curve for me and as I decide on a particular recipe, it’s the story that emerges in the process of making that product that appeals to me. Three of my favourites are Sweet Chilli Jam, Chilli Piccalilli and Sloe Chutney.

The best part of what I do is the joy of sharing some wonderful flavours and getting the chance to talk about them!

Nicki will be with us at our Outdoor Markets held at Hatton Shopping Village on the following dates:

  • Autumn Craft Fayre 11th & 12th September
  • Outdoor Summer Market & Harvest Festival 25th & 26th September
  • Outdoor Market Vintage Theme 2nd and 3rd October
  • Outdoor Christmas Markets 13th and 14th November
  • Outdoor Christmas Markets 20th and 21st November
  • Outdoor Christmas Markets 18th and 19th December

If you would like to order direct from Nicki, please contact her via email

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