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Stallholder Profile!

Winter Wear For All!

Who are you? 

Hi! I’m Tara and my small business is ‘Emmie & Me’ 🙂 

What do you sell? 

Lovely handmade winter wear to keep you warm and cosy!!  Newborn through to adult sizes 🙂

What makes your business unique? 

I created my small handmade business after the birth of my daughter; Emmie. I loved making her different beanies, and knowing that something I had made was keeping her warm and snug through the cold months was a really lovely feeling. I kept getting compliments on our beanies and things progressed from there 🙂 I run my business solo from the social media to the crocheting and knitting. So, it’s me that does all the work, but it’s Emmie that makes Emmie & Me unique! 

Do you have a favourite item that you sell? 

My Joyce beanies! I named them after my Grandma, as she often wore a beige hat that was the inspiration behind the shape of my Joyce beanie.  They’re slouchy, cosy and like my grandma was; very elegant! I’m sure I’ll be wearing my blue one when you see me! It’s 5 winters old now and I just love it 🙂 

What do you think is the best part of what you do? 

Custom orders! I love having client’s message with a specific colour or vision in mind and bringing that to life – matching their new winter coat or a grandchild’s new puddle suit – it’s such a personal and practical gift! 

You might not find your perfect beanie on the high street – but you can get one made at Emmie & Me 🙂 

Pop along and meet Tara at our Christmas Markets at Hatton Country World on the following dates:

Friday 25th November 10am till 5pm

Friday 9th December 10am till 5pm

Or alternatively contact Emmie & Me at

Stallholder Profile!

Stunning Creative Design!

Who Are You?

Coulson Macleod is a small creative design studio based in the market town of Kettering, Northamptonshire.

What Do You Sell?

Wonderfully wordy greeting cards, prints, gifts and stationary.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Our products are designed to be ‘a little different’. Fold out cards, marble plaques, wooden signs – each items strives to be beautiful and unique.

Do You Have A Favourite Item That You Sell?

We love our Portuguese-style coasters, we initially designed these for our own home!

What Do You Think Is The Best Part Of What You Do?

Making customers cry! Our quotes often reduce people to tears!

Coulson Macleod will be at Hatton Country World Outdoor Market on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September from 10am till 5pm. If you cant pop along to see them, contact them direct at or email

Stallholder Profile!

What’s In The Foxes Curiosity Cabinet?

Who are you?

Hello, we are The Foxes Curiosity Cabinet, a family business ran by Kathey, and her father David and daughter, Lórien. 

What do you sell?

We sell (& create) tea and textiles, our two favourite things!!! 

What makes your business unique?

Combining all of our art & textile skills to create our own sustainable, locally produced textiles, printed on  organic cottons, tencel (an eco fibre) or recycled plastic spun into a soft jersey to help keep plastic out of landfill. We use traditional hand drawing methods or Lino printing to create our cloths and garments. Alongside our own ranges, we sell a line of fairly traded garments and kantha fabrics created by pattern cutters in India and Nepal. These are crafted out of upcycled vintage materials, reclaimed new silk, cotton or viscose, plastic waste spun into acrylic wool blankets alongside pure wool natural items such as socks, gloves, hats and cardigans. Our fair trade collections help raise money for numerous charities including Child Rescue Nepal. 

Our hand blended teas are created mainly due to our very literal love of all things tea and a good brew! We can’t draw or sew without a decent cuppa. Kathey is a master herbalist and clinical nutritionist and puts her herbalist knowledge and blending skills to use by creating her selection of popular teas, herbal Tisanes and cold brew fruity blends. Lovingly nicknamed tea potions. All of our decaffeinated options are created using CO2 methods to avoid chemical processing and all of our herbs and teas are certified organic. 

Do you have favourite item that you sell? 

Ah, we are all a bit spoiled for choice, Lórien loves the upcycled silk camisole top and shorts sets as nightwear, one of our best sellers and her favourite brew is the ‘The Fairest Of Them All Elixir’, a Honeybush blend for well-being, balance and glowing skin. David loves the cotton print shirts and kirtas from Nepal, they are really cool, light and airy in Summer and he’s a big fan of our Sleepy Fox Tea (it’s a family favourite) a soothing bedtime blend of Rooibos, lavender & valerian. It’s also Kathey’s favourite tea and her favourite item is the cotton playsuit as it’s light and relaxed to wear on its own with sandals in Summer but can be layered up over leggings, boots and a turtle neck sweater in Winter. It’s become a staple ‘go-to’ garment.  

What do you think is the best part of what you do? 

Spoiled for choice again!! But Definitely meeting our customers. They are truly inspiring and supportive people. Most of our tea blends have come into existence through requests as have our hand drawn textiles. It’s a joy to see how happy and beautiful (or handsome) they look wearing the clothes they’ve chosen from us too. Being part of Hatton Market is awesome, we’ve only just started trading here but we absolutely loved it, from the organisers to the fellow traders and all the businesses here, it’s fabulous. We’ve already written our Christmas shopping wish lists and the fabulous Kim Lindsay’s glass is already gracing our home…I think we’ll be starting a collection! 

It’s also put a massive smile on our faces knowing that through combined efforts we are helping numerous charities in particular Child Rescue Nepal who help in the search and rescue of trafficked children forced into slave labour. Their work helps reunite these vulnerable children with their families.  

If you would like to meet Kathey and David, please pop along to Hatton Shopping Village on any of the following dates:

  • 20th August & 27th August
  • 25th September
  • 1st October
  • 4th November, 12th November, 25th November, 27th November
  • 2nd December, 9th December, 17th December

Or alternatively visit their website at The Foxes web:

or Instagram @foxescuriosity

Summer Market

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July

10am till 5pm

FREE admission

Browse, shop and enjoy our Summer Markets awash with a plethora of stunning gifts and crafts. Find some exciting and absolutely fascinating – bespoke crafts, stunning cards, beautiful jewellery, exceptional wall art, fabulous wooden gifts and a multitude of amazing merchandise and goodies.

To find out more or to book a space visit

There is also the Ford AVO car show this Sunday 10th July at Hatton Country World, so plenty to suit everyone this weekend!!

Top Tips for Stallholders!

Carol and I are extremely lucky to be able to meet so many wonderful people who join us at our Markets and Craft Fayres throughout the year.

Whilst many of you are regular stallholders with us, some of you may not have joined us before or this may be a whole new small business venture for you, have a read of our Top 5 Tips for attending markets and craft fayre that you may find of help.

Be ready for a full day and the weather!

You have paid for the market, so make the most of the full day.  It always surprises me when some stallholders pack up early.  One of our Terms that stallholders agree to when joining us is that they agree to stay for the full day till 5pm.  You will be amazed how many shoppers leave it to the last minute to buy from you plus it can have a detrimental effect of the other traders if we have empty stalls too early.  Remember to dress for the weather, so in the colder months, plenty of layers, comfortable warm shoes and bring plenty of drinks or food with you to keep you going.  For our outdoor markets, cardboard to stand on acts as an insulator between the cold floor and your feet, so its always handy to have flat carboard to use (don’t forget to dispose of it before you leave!)

Keep you stall looking its best!

The ideal stall stops passers-by in their tracks so make your stall visually eye catching, use all the space available and consider using shelving or stands on your table to give height.  Crates, boxes etc work a treat and maximises space for your items.  Also clear signage and pricing.  Lots of visitors are shy of asking the price of items, so price labels work well.

Remember to pop around to the front of your stall from time to time, to generally have a tidy.  Another great idea, as we are coming into the season, it to decorate your stall to make it much more eye catching to visitors.  We always recommend simply Christmas decorations, bunting etc to keep in with the theme of the market you are attending.

Don’t hide!

We understand that visitors don’t want to have the hard sell as they meander along our stalls, and we don’t expect our stallholders to do that but saying ‘hello’ or asking if they are having a good day is an easy way to break the ice with customers.  A fatal mistake for sales is to sit down behind the stall and be on your phone all day.  Remember – no two markets are the same, so don’t be disheartened if your sales aren’t as good as you imagined they would be.  Ask any of our regular stallholders, you will have fantastic selling days and sometimes quite days!

Don’t give a customer a reason not to buy!

Have a decent float or even better a means of taking card payments.  Many of our stallholders use iZettle machines, these work very well especially in the current climate where some visitors still prefer less contact.  Try and get anyone who visits your stall to leave with something, even if that is a flyer or business card.  This ensures that they have contact details for you should they wish to purchase an item at a later date.

Social Media!

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but if people can’t find you online after visiting your stall it’s a wasted opportunity.  So, a simple website or Facebook page can work wonders.  Often it can take someone seeing you a few times before they are tempted into buying, so announcing online where and when your next markets will be can make a difference in building relationships with your customers and there is always the added bonus of them becoming repeat customers!  If you aren’t able to access social media, we at Owl Events and Marketing are happy to promote your products when you are booked with us, so get in touch.

We do hope these few tips help. If you are a new business, please chat to other stallholders.  They can be a source of really helpful tips themselves, plus it becomes more of a social event, and we pride ourselves on helping to create a family feel to our markets.

Kate & Carol

Owl Events and Marketing

Summer Markets at Hatton Country World

We have moved!

Our popular outdoor markets are at Hatton Shopping Village again this summer in our new purpose built Market Square area adjacent to the Sweet Shop.

At each event we have a lovely selection of stalls, from new stallholders to our wonderful regular traders, each bringing something different to the market.

Why not pop along, enjoy a coffee and perhaps a delicious snack then browse the amazing independent shops on site and the garden centre with its fantastic range of healthy indoor and outdoor plants.

Upcoming Summer Markets:

9th and 10th July

23rd and 24th July

30th and 31st July

6th and 7th August

13th and 14th August

Stallholder Profile!

Creative and Stunning Ceramics!

Who are you?
Alice Crane, trading as A Crane Ceramics

What do you sell?
A wide range of stoneware items including mugs and platters for food ware and soap dishes.
I work with porcelain for jewellery and for Christmas decorations.

Do you have a favourite item that you sell?
I like to use what is around me in my work and the fern platters, using fern imprints from
local gardens, are a particular favourite.

What do you think is the best part of what you do?
I enjoy the development process where an idea may pop into my head (sometimes that maybe at 3 in the morning so not so great there!) and taking that all the way through to a finished product; that’s very satisfying.

If you would like to visit Alice, please pop along to Hatton Shopping Village on 4th and 5th December 2021 at our Outdoor Christmas Market.

Alternatively please contact Alice direct via her website at

Stallholder Profile!

We do love a pompom!

Who are you?

Pogle’s Crafts

What do you sell?

I sell a mixture of upcycled items including china. Most recently I have made pompom decorative items and also gnomes.

What makes your business unique?

I make or upcycle all the items myself.

Do you have a favourite item that you sell?

At the moment my favourite items are my handmade gnomes. Each one is individual and has their own character.

What do you think is the best part of what you do?

I have always loved meeting new people. The atmosphere at Hatton is wonderful, as the stallholders are a lovely community and we get to meet lovely member of the public too.

If you would like to order direct from Linda please contact her at

Stallholder Profile!

Specialising in the Unusual!

Who are you?

Charmain Dibben, the nerdy maker behind Nerdy Maker Lady.

What do you sell?

Gifts, jewellery and lots more based around film, TV, comicbooks and literature. I also specialise in custom lego, chainmaille and steampunk creations.

What makes your business unique?

My eye for the weird and wonderful. I genuinely love what I do and can’t go any longer than a day without making something. Most of what I make and sell are one off pieces. That makes them really special for the person who owns them.

Do you have a favourite item that you sell?

Hard to say to be honest. I love nearly everything I make. All of it has a little bit of me in it. If I could only make two types of things for the rest of my life though, I guess it would be my steampunk makes and the chainmaille.

What do you think is the best part of what you do?

Easy. Making people smile. The moment someone picks up a piece I have made and gets that look that says “I love this!”, that moment makes my millennium.

If you would like to visit Charmain, she will be with us on the following dates at Hatton Shopping Village:

Saturday 6th November/Saturday 13th November/Saturday 20th November/Saturday 27th November

Saturday 4th December/Saturday 11th November

Or you can pop onto Facebook and chat to her online @nerdymakerlady

Stallholder Profile!

Amazing Original Artwork!

Who are you?

I am Alison of AH Design

What do you sell?

I sell paintings, greetings cards and jewellery which has been made from my artwork.

What makes your business unique?

I do all my own paintings and create my own greetings cards from my pictures that I sell, my jewellery is made from my artwork which I seal and make into pendants, my clay work is all completely individually designed and cannot be repeated due to the colour formations that I make, as everything is created it’s gives my customer a nice feeling to know it’s unique and special to them.

Do you have a favourite item that you sell?

I enjoy making everything that I sell, my favourite bit is when the colour formations come together wherever that be either on canvas or clay, it always brings a smile to my face and indeed to my customers, as I believe colour is so important in our lives, it changes our mood all the time.  The greatest satisfaction is when I see the smiles on peoples faces when they pick an item in their favourite colour, you can see the joy it brings, from looking at a sunset painting to wearing a pair of earrings or necklace in blues or violets.  One of the sweetest moments came last Christmas when I sold a heart shaped quilling painting that I had done to a young couple, the young gentleman bought this for his girlfriend and you could see the love in her eyes of how special that moment was.

What do you think is the best part of what you do?

I love creating and making unique and different things that make people feel special.

Alison is joining us at our Christmas Craft Fayre on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th November and our Vintage Theme Christmas Market on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th December, so please pop along to Hatton Country World and say hello.

Stallholder Profile!

Stunning Glassware!

Who are you?

I am Kim of Kim Lindsay Glass

What do you sell?

I sell hand blown glass reed and electric diffusers along with oils and refills to go in them that are made in the UK.  I also sell the hand blown glass balls and friendship hearts in different sizes that can go inside or outside along with the glass bird feeders.

What makes your business unique?

Each piece of glass has a different colour, look, pattern and texture to it so no two are the same.

Do you have a favourite item that you sell?

I am passionate about all my glass but the electric diffusers with the 8 colour settings and three diffusing settings is probably my favourite.

What do you think is the best part of what you do?

I love attending all the markets and meeting people.  It is especially lovely for me, when I have comments from customers who love the glass and buy it as presents for their families and friends.  I have lots of returning customers, who come to buy their refill oils or to try a new fragrance.  I also get sent lots of photos of the glass in their gardens or homes, which is so nice to see.

If you would like to order direct from Kim, please email or call her on 07866 622626.

Kim will also be at our Christmas Markets each weekend from 5th November through to 19th December, so please do pop along and say hello.


Stallholder Profile!

Wonderful World of Wood!

Who are you?

I am John the Woodturner at JFO Woodturning

What do you sell?

I make wood turned products hand made by myself at competitive prices. Included in my presentation are handmade pens, cutting boards, bowls and may other products which also include pyrography. Because I make all the products that I sell I can claim that they are of a unique design and hope there is something for all.

What makes your business unique?

My items are not mass produced but hand made by myself.

Do you have a favourite item that you sell?

I like all of my products and would not put them for sale if I did not.

What do you think is the best part of what you do?

I enjoy all parts of woodturning with the freedom to design and make anything I wish and hope that others enjoy then as much as myself.

If you are interested in visiting John at one of our markets, he will be with us on the following upcoming dates:

Christmas Craft Fayre Friday 5th and Saturday 6th November

Christmas Markets, 20th and 21st November

Christmas Markets, 4th and 5th December

Christmas Markets, 18th and 19th December

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